On Friday morning, I woke up to a dreary, windy day. The clouds were abundant, and the air was chilly and wet. And, just like that, fall had arrived.

I’m not going to lie: I’ve secretly been counting the days on the calendar until autumn’s arrival. Last October, we spent so much time in the woods, among the changing leaves, and it was magical. But, it wasn’t nature that was calling my name this time. Instead, it was the abundance of downright adorable little boy clothes that sat, waiting.


I know, I know, now you’re rolling your eyes. But, hear me out, I’m a boy mom. And, while I love gooing and gaaing over the tiny little girls in their adorable pink dresses, and matching hairbands, I’m not so enthusiastic over the little boy collection. Sure, you’ve got the precious button ups that your son looks like he may strangle in, but for baby boys you’re pretty much stuck with onesies, and maybe a cute romper.


But, this year, this year was different. This year, my boy is a toddler, and he’s got a closet full of plaid, and button ups, and even little bowties.

Somewhere along the way, our clothing opportunities seemed to have opened up from “dressing a blob” to “dressing a little man.”




Now that little A is walking running everywhere we go, shoes have become a necessity. We were able to get away with a sock-footed blob in the early days, but who knows what kind of disease his little feet could pick up from the ground.

So on the first cool day, I rushed to the closet to retrieve the cutest shoes ever! I’ve been hanging onto them since last winter, and was absolutely thrilled to see that they’d fit him this year.


These baby adidas are honestly the PERFECT addition to any fall/winter outfit, and we are going to wear them out this year, because I know they’ll be far too small next autumn.



The fuzzy material goes all the way into the shoe and, from what I can feel with my hand, it feels like a pillow inside! My favorite aspect of these are the support they give to new walkers. Little A has been toddling around for about 4 months now, so his balance is definitely evening out. One thing I have noticed is that he walks on the side of his right foot. While he’ll probably grow out of it, and it doesn’t seem to be causing him any trouble, supporting his feet the right way has become pretty important to us.


These shoes keep his feet nice and flat on the floor, while also allowing him to maintain his balance. He’s only worn these a couple of times, and is already walking like a pro in them.

What are your favorite baby boy styles?

Until next time,

  • Such cute little clothes! I have enjoyed picking out cool outfits for my daughter this year because she’ll get more wear out of them. I couldn’t bring myself to pay loads for fancy things last year so she was in onsies most of the time. But this year she’s got some fab jumpers, awesome tunics and trendy dungaree dresses. She’s better dressed than me by far. It’s much more fun buying outfits for your kids! Enjoy buying him Christmas jumpers 😀

  • I think having a boy is cheaper on the clothes budget (they HATE shopping) and also they don’t get PMS when they’re teens! 😉 cheers kidcandoodle

  • Gorgeous clothing, it is hard to find clothing for boys due to the lack of it compared to girls. The shoes are adorable X #kcacols

  • Awwww, how sweet, I'll bet he looks forward to every single Sunday! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! <3

  • A names are the best! Haha, I loved seeing him in plaid so much more than I thought I would! Thanks for commenting <3

  • These baby clothes are gorgeous. I specially love those shoes. And you are right, even though I love summer and I'm always willing for Autumn to start. For me Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons of the year! Your little boy is growing so fast Savannah! I can't believe he is a toddler now! Thanks for sharing this at #KCACOLS, 🙂 x

  • Omg. I'm IN LOVE with little boy clothes. Sure, there's not as big of a selection as girl clothes but I think they are just as cute (ok, I think they're cuter!). My family hated that I dressed my son like a little man from day one. It's just SO cute! P.S. I LOVE those shoes.

  • He is such a little man. Love him! And I love the shoes omg! 😀
    Time flies by too quick!!


  • Your little boy is so cute and I LOVE those shoes! As a mum of two boys they love nothing nothing more than wearing jeans and a tshirt but now they are getting a little older they are starting to have an opinion on what they like and don't like!

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again next week x

  • That blue check shirt is so cute and those shoes are so cool! xx

  • Its frightful how much our kids grow in such a short time. Adorable shoes, I havent seen them here in Australia.

  • OMG I love the photos! So cute!

  • So cute!I love the whole outfit, but those shoes are adorable. I'm also a boymom, so I know what you mean.

  • I supoer duper love those shoes. I badly want to have a pair or two for my toddler.. Really must have! 🙂

  • How adorable are those shoes!! I have two boys, and while I miss not being in a world of tulle and bows, I'm really happy dressing two little guys. The Cat & Jack collection from Target is adorable!!

  • I love baby boy clothes!! In fall and winter I especially love putting them in cable knit zip-up sweaters, button up sweaters, and boots!

  • It is so different trying to dress my son vs. dress my daughter. I am ALWAYS looking at girl clothes but rarely find myself looking at boy clothes. Don't get me wrong, he has great clothes, but I think it is just the girl in me that directly goes to girl clothes.

  • Omg those are the cutest shoes EVER!!!! I totally understand the struggle of being a boy mom without any selection in clothes. These are a must!! ��

  • Super cute! I agree boys clothes get way cuter as they grow up a bit.

  • Obsessed with those baby adidas! I feel you on the limitations of dressing a boy vs. a girl (I have 4 boys and no girls). Fall definitely opens up more options!

  • I agree with you those baby adidas are the cutest! I only have a little girl, but I do love the outfits for little boys too, so cute like your little one 🙂

  • Uggh, you're so right about the boy clothes! Most are clothes are given to much, so I don't clothes shop much for the kids, but all the cute clothes are for girls.

  • I'm such a fan of little boy plaid shirts with buttons. We dress him up every time we go to church. It's his big boy status. Such a cute post and great photos.

  • I have a little "A" too. Those shoes and all the plaid are super cute!