My husband’s laughter echoes throughout the dark house, as his hands graze lightly across my swollen belly. He eagerly waits, a hint of a smile still on his lips, and laughs again as a series of punches and kicks erupts from my midsection.

Like most soon-to-be parents, we found ourselves awake in the early hours before the sun rises, talking about how much our lives were going to change in any moment. After all, it was just a matter of time before our family grew by one whole person. We’d manage our way through the sleepless nights, we’d decided, and we could tackle the mountains of poop. As long as we had each other, we would succeed. Our love would never change. 

And then, our little boy was born.

And as I sit here and remember the final weeks of my pregnancy, I can’t help but think how everything has changed.

I had no idea how much I would relish in the delighted screeches that now bounce along those same walls, as my son chases his daddy throughout the house. We imagined them. Oh, we couldn’t wait to hear his little voice for the first time. But, how was I to know how much I would anticipate the sounds of my husband’s tires in the driveway after work. Not because I needed a break, but because the sounds of my boys laughing as I cook dinner melt away any stresses of the day.

I could have never dreamed of the amount of love and pride my heart could simultaneously hold as we stood, with his arms around me, watching our son confidently take his first steps. It was impossible for me to predict how much my heart would burst for my husband, as I looked at our son.

This love, it’s deeper. It’s far stronger. It’s so much bigger than I could’ve ever imagined.

Because, after a long day with a teething baby, and a mountain of laundry, he’s the one I want to laugh hysterically with when our son does something hilarious. He’s the one who understands that our kid has been a sassy-pants for the last two days, and he’s the one who tells me to sleep in anyway.

Our love has changed.

We find deep joy in watching the amazement in our son’s eyes as he sees a duck for the first time. We occupy ourselves with discussions about diapers, and toys, and potty training. We no longer have a  burning desire to sneak away, just the two of us, onto some great adventure. Because we’re now a party of three, and our love has only multiplied.

Of course my love for him has changed. I knew it the instant I softly placed that 8-pound newborn into his arms. In that moment, I saw how miraculous life itself was, and I knew that parenthood was going to be an incredible journey. I am so lucky to be on it with my best friend.

Until next time,

  • Such a sweet post! It's so amazing and inspiring to read something positive like this. Often we find ourselves just complaining about our husbands but you are so right about this, despite all the nagging I do I love my husband so much more now than before we have kids. Great post!

  • How wonderful that you feel that way towards your husband, whilst some struggle, you have taken all the positive and made it into an amazing journey. You are all very lucky #KCACOLS

  • What an amazing relationship you have! My relationship with my husband changed after we had our little girl and now we have a closer bond too. Although that's not to say that everything's perfect and he doesn't often have to bear the brunt of my frustration when I'm worn out or when my day has been really stressful. We have less time together now, but we still manage to respect and support each other and I'd be a bit lost without him!#KCACOLS

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  • My story is quite the opposite of yours. My husband and I have been together for almost 8 years now and have 5 kids (two he had when we got together) and 3 we have had together. We had to move because of his job and have no support to help with the kids except for the occasional times we go out to dinner and our 16 year old watches the kids. Our relationship is diminishing and I honestly don't see us making it another year unless we get therapy. Kids can be stressful on a marriage sometimes. But in the end it's my happiness that matters because I refuse to let my children grow up with a miserable mother. #KCACOLS

  • How wonderful! I think myself and hubby were under the same impression that our love would remain the same but it absolutely changed. How could it not? Children are so special and the person we have them and raise them with becomes even more special. I'd be lost without my Hubby and I'm not afraid to admit it.

  • Beautiful post! Having children is such an amazing gift!

  • beautifully said! as we go through life together with our best friend, love grows deeper! <3

  • Sounds beautiful and yes life and love changes the moment you hear you are pregnant. Changes even more once your child is born or placed into your arms. Seeing the joy in each other's eyes is wonderful, knowing how far both have come is amazing. I have always found that a person grows/matures once their child is born, which is why our love changes I think. Love changes for the better I think for most. It sounds like you two are very much in love, now you share a child that you two will help to raise. It'll be an amazing adventure and you will have trials and errors, go back to this time and remember the look in his eyes.

  • Yes, having a child can really change everything in life and relationship with your spouse. But for the most part, it's a good change.

  • I love reading this so much. You can really feel how much love and admiration your have your husband and your boys.

  • Amen to this. Yes we have our hard times but when ever I see my hubby playing with our little one I can't help but smile and love him all the more.