Kids are sponges. They really are.
I know, you hear it all the time-the super retention that young children seem to have. But it is SO. TRUE. Every day, I can see more of myself and my husband in this tiny little man, and it’s really been a wake-up call, an eye-opener. This little boy is like my shadow, following me around the house, and trying to do the things I do, he catches on so quickly.

Lately, he has developed this ‘fake’ laugh.
It is so cute, and I laugh so hard when he does it, but it makes me wonder where he picked it up.


It actually started just the other night, when he toddled over to me, and I gave him a piece of the pineapple I was eating. Suddenly, he erupted in ‘laughter.’ I put that word in quotations, because it was the silliest laugh I’d ever heard.

Forced and with only a hint of smile on his face, I started to laugh, and then he did too. Really laugh, and I laughed even harder.


I love how he’s beginning to experiment with his voice. He’s learning how to manipulate his body, and other objects, to achieve what he wants.
And he’s watching. Boy, is he watching. Watching and copying. Watching and learning. It’s a little nerve-wracking at times, almost as if I’m performing, wanting to always do the right thing. But, with all his watching, this little boy is definitely a person of his own. And I learn from him too. But who would’ve known how much I could learn from a boy with only 15 months of life.


Little A has been walking now for almost 2 months, and is currently entering the running phase. Literal dashing from place to place, and a LOT of falls. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen this poor kid fall down. Sometimes, it’s a cute little loss of balance and he plops down on his padded (thanks cloth diapers!) rump.

But other times, like yesterday, he runs full speed, and face first into a chair.

And, here’s the time for mama to learn, he always. gets. back. up.


Sure, he cries and needs kisses and sometimes a little milk but, in no time at all, he’s doing the same thing he was before. Walking. Running. Climbing. And, I’m just kind of awe-struck.

Little A fails. A lot. He falls. He misses his mouth with the fork. He drops things, is unable reach many things he wants, and gets frustrated when he can’t get the lid off a water bottle. But, he’s a persistent little bugger. He never gives up. He kept on walking, and now he’s running.


And, of course, I’m always close by.

Until next time,

  • Aww it is so cute when they start walking! I remember like yesterday when both my girls started walking too. They were walked at very early stage, especially my little one that walked just before 10 months. You have lovely photos. He looks so cute! I love the one before the last one. He is just adorable. It is a photo to frame, 😉 Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is always a pleasure to have you lovely, 🙂 xx

  • Oh so beautiful and gorgeous pics! It's amazing watching them learn and grow isn't it #KCACOLS

  • I remember this stage with my son so well because he bum shuffled until he was 18 months before walking. Your blog will be such a lovely diary for you to look back on with him. They never cease to amaze do they with their tenacity and will to succeed! #stayclassymama

  • Your photos are gorgeous! Laughing is so infectious, isn't it? Alison x #StayClassyMama

  • Gosh – he is adorable! So cute x #StayClassyMama

  • Aw, such a cutie! I love that he has a little fake laugh too! x #KCACOLS

  • My son is the same except now he is slowly growing out of it. But it is lovely to hear them giggle and brighten up your day X

  • I currently going through this stage with No2 and love it! I love hearing her little voice grow and her little personality come through! Love the pics too #KCACOLS

  • I love this age, it's just so cute! I love how they're just soaking everything up and the copying is just so cute. The fake laugh is so funny – he is a real cutie! #KCACOLS

  • My youngest is perfecting his fake laugh!! Scrunches up his face all tight, grimaces and closes his eyes, then "laughs". Makes me burst out laughing every time! #KCACOLS

  • I like how you described it like being a performance – I can imagine it's like that a lot. #kcacols

  • Fake laugh or not, he is so cute in the first place. I love reading about children's progress… What a great memory for you to get back to later on… Frenchie Mummy

  • It is so amazing how resilient and persistent little ones are! They just keep at it until they master a skill. Definitely something we have lost as adults.