Thank you to Gerber for sponsoring this post, and making healthy, non-GMO snacks easily available, and affordable. All opinions are my own.

Big A had the day of yesterday and, on a whim, we decided to go on an adventure! Our wandering eventually led us to Ocoee State Park in Tennessee. This is a massive place, that held the 1996 Olympics, and we couldn’t wait to check it out! 
The trip may have been long, but the scenery was breathtaking. I’m not sure when, but every so often the dam is released, and this entire area is flooded with raging whitewater rapids. 
We typically carry little A in our Ergo, but were so excited to discover that there was a 2-mile hike that was handicap accessible, meaning we could use the stroller! 
After our hike, the temperature and humidity was quickly growing uncomfortable. We had no desire to sit in the car quite yet, for the long journey home, so set out in search of somewhere to swim. 
On our way to the lake, we came across a Walmart (because, where aren’t they?), and decided to run and and grab a few snacks. Little A’s taste buds change quite often, and it’s really hard to figure out what he may or may not eat on any given day. We ran over to the baby section, and decided to grab a can of what looked like baby cheese puffs Gerber Lil Beanies a try. 
Thankfully, the Walmart trip was quick and painless, and we were back onto our adventuring!
Little A truly is a water baby. I thought he loved bath time, but it’s nearly impossible to get him to want to get out of the lake! He loves splashing, and even dunking, and Daddy loves hearing his giggle. It truly was an afternoon to remember. 
Little man snored the entire way home.
After we walked through the front door, he was a crab with an empty tummy, and I needed to cook dinner. It was the perfect time to whip out a quick snack that wouldn’t spoil his appetite. 
The cool thing about Lil’ Beanies are that they are loaded with protein, because they’re literally made from beans. Not only that, but our family absolutely loves that none of the ingredients are genetically modified!
I may have sneaked a few of these little puffs when little man wasn’t looking, and they. are. good! Seriously, I’m probably going to have to stock up on these things. With all the adventures we have planned for the summer, it’d be foolish not to- they’re so conveniently delicious!
I think that little grin says it all. 
Next time you’re at Walmart, be sure to pop over and grab a can!
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  • Looks like you had great fun! I've never heard of Gerber will look them up X

  • Aww what a cutie! He definitely enjoyed the snacks. Love the photos and lovely place! He has a lovely smile. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. SOrry for my late comment. I'm catching up today, 🙂 xx

  • Unfortunately we don't have a Walmart, having frequented a few in my time though it is a shame, that and Walgreens – everything you ever want under one roof. The park looks like a fab place to spend the day though! Xx #marvmondays

  • Looks like he enjoyed the snacks! And what a cutie!


  • Looks like he's enjoying them! Anything remotely healthy I can sneak into my toddler is a bonus, haha. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  • Aww your son is gorgeous! #KCACOLS

  • He definitely looks like he enjoyed those snacks lol #kcacols

  • Snacks are a big deal in our house. Nobody likes a hangry toddler 😂 great post #marvmondays

  • Snacks are a big deal in our house. Nobody likes a hangry toddler 😂 great post #marvmondays

  • Ooh these look snazzy! How long do you have to eat the, once they are opened? Also, what a beautiful head of hair! #marvmondays

  • They obviously go down very well! Not sure I've seen anything like that here, only horrible rice cakes that taste of cardboard and neither of my children will touch #KCACOLS