The other night, as the smell of warm bread and tomato filled our home, big A turned to me and said ‘I can eat healthy all day long, but I could never give up pizza.’
And it’s so true. 
Pizza. Delicious pizza. It’s our guilty pleasure. And one cheat we allow ourselves without guilt. 
Because of Celiac disease, we have to be sure that our pizzas (and all food) are gluten-free. This really put a damper on our pizzas, and we’ve been on quite a search for the best pizza crust out there. 
On an absolute fluke, really, we grabbed this pizza crust during a trip to the grocery store. I’m not exaggerating when I say that gluten-free products are expensive. We very rarely splurge on them mostly because of this fact. I was so pleasantly surprised when we paid less than 10 bucks for not one, but two pizza crusts. 
This company actually has a whole line of allergy-friendly ‘foods for everyone’. 
So, the first time I used this stuff I was kind of surprised. After blending the mix, some water and olive oil, you’re sort of left with a goopy kind of substance. The box describes it as the consistency of cake batter. I’m going to be kind of blunt here when I say that after pouring the crust onto my baking sheet, I didn’t have much hope. 
Boy, was I wrong. 
This crust is fluffy but with a crunch-if that’s even possible. It’s, quite arguably, better than any crust I’ve ever had-with or without gluten. It’s so great! It’s…well, good enough for me to write a blog post about it. 
Seriously, if you’re on the hunt for the gluten-free pizza of your dreams, or if you’d just like a healthier option than Pizza Hut, I definitely suggest grabbing one of these boxes. 
You won’t regret it. 
Until next time, 
This blog post was not sponsored by Namaste Foods  or any other organization.
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  • Good to know there are some healthier options that still taste as good!
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  • I'm sure she will LOVE it, it's definitely a jaw-dropping compared to its competition! Let me know how she likes it (:

  • Oh, it's so so good-he will love it! Let me know if you give it a try <3

  • I shall pass this post onto my friend as she's GF, maybe she will like it too. #anythinggoes

  • My son has to have a gluten-free diet s this might be useful for him! Thanks for sharing! #Anythinggoes