If you’ve been following my blog for any period of time, you would’ve realized by now that my family and I LOVE to hike. There’s just something about being outside, far far away from any civilization. The depth in the woods where you don’t hear a car passing by, or a plane overhead. Where you could, almost, convince yourself that you’re the only one on earth.

I’m the type of person that thrives on the outdoors. It’s like I need it.
I start getting cabin fever, and finding myself extremely irritable if I haven’t been able to go on a hike in a few weeks. It’s one thing I make sure to allow myself, because it’s just so good for me.

Sometimes, part of me just wants to pack up with my family, and go off the grid. Survive on the land, and take care of our own. With the way humanity is going, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing anyway. When I find myself overrun with emotion, exhausted, or defeated, I find that I can have a new outlook after I’ve spent some time outside.

After a rough week, I sit and am reminded that the world is a better place than I think.

Until next time,

Cuddle Fairy
  • I've never been a massive fan of being outdoors but you can't beat the peace from walking somewhere beautiful and just resting there for a while! Thanks for sharing with #candidcuddles

  • Spending time outside definitely resets the spirit. It's amazing what some fresh air can do! Living off grid would be a brave move to make! The quote is very very true! #candidcuddles

  • There's a place that's about 10 minutes from our house that just recently was able to get to because it's in the mountain and has been snowy and muddy. We took the kids up there one evening last week and it was wonderful! I took a bunch of pictures and it just felt so good to be outside! My husband wants to live off the grid…I don't think I'd be able to live without some amenities. Great quote. #candidcuddles