We’re two weeks in and everything seems to be going fabulously!

Both tomato plants, and my pepper plant have made their way into their own buckets with seedling nutrients, and they are thriving! No roots in the water as of yet, but the water level has been just high enough to keep their rooter plugs nice and wet!

The pH and ppm have honestly been staying maintained on their own. Besides the very first splash of pH down, I haven’t had to add anything else. 
The kale seedling is doing incredible, but nothing from the spinach or jalepeno yet- I know they should be popping any day now. 
I’ve still been watering the second pepper plant, but I’m losing hope that I’m going to see any success from that guy. 
Both lettuces have popped and are doing wonderfully. I’m still patiently waiting on some action from the cilantro plants. 
The lettuce, kale, and cilantro will be going in larger bins together when they’re ready. I plan to get this kale and lettuce out of the seedling tray in the next couple of days. 
It’s so exciting to see how well everything is growing, and I can’t wait to see how things progress. 
Until next time, 


Life with Baby Kicks

Friday Fabulous
  • How exciting, seeing vegetables grow is such a great experience for children, and you get to eat all that yummy produce too. I look forward to seeing how everything grows. Thaks for linking up to #FridayFabulous

  • Ah, I can't wait for the eating part!! Thanks for reading <3 #binkylinky

  • Wow, you really have a garden going! How many pounds of veggies would you say you get per year? Thanks so much for reading! #BinkyLinky

  • Brilliant it's great growing your own veg allthough the best bit is eating it Thanks for linking to the #binkylinky

  • Fab! We have carrots, broccoli, broad beans, peppers, sweet corn, radish, beetroot, tomatoes, lettuce and some others growing away. I love growing my own food! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  • Oh, it is very time consuming, but I really enjoy it so it's not a chore! Thanks for reading and your lovely comment x #FabFridayPost

  • Well done you! My Mum has a veggie patch in her garden and she's been very busy lately planting and potting! #fabfridaypost

  • I love growing my own as well! There's just something so satisfying watching them grow from a seedling-I start to think of them all as my babies, haha 😛
    Thanks for commenting! <3

  • Oh no! I hope you're able to take care of everything in the back garden this year. What is your favorite herb to grow? I'm growing some thyme and mint in a pot, and I would love to grow a couple more! <3 Thank you so much for commenting

  • Haha, I don't think many people can say they grew pumpkins by accident! That's funny (: I think starting a small garden in your yard is a lovely idea! You can definitely save some money <3 Thanks for commenting! #binkylinky

  • We've just dug over our veg patch for everything to go in this year. I love growing our own (as opposed to my rubbish attempts at keeping supermarket basil plants alive).

  • How exciting watching them grow. I need to get my herb trough sorted, I had some lovely ones last year. I have to keep them out the front though because nothing will grow in my back garden, we have some issues we are trying to sort.

  • I love growing my own food! I think next spring I should convert a comer of my yard to a vegetable patch. I did manage to accidentally grow pumpkins this year, by throwing some pumpkin seeds on our compost heap. I love pumpkin soup, so I'm set for winter. #binkylinky

  • It's sooo exciting to see progress, isn't it?! They're the first things I check every morning! Fingers crossed, totally hoping your little seedlings adapt well outside. Thanks so much for reading! #effitfriday

  • It's still spring, you should totally grow your own! Even if it's just one plant (: Thank you for reading!

  • Oh sunflowers?! I bet those will turn out beautifully <3 #fridayfabulous

  • Hana

    Ah how brilliant, glad you're seeing progress. I have some rocket and basil ready to be potted out of their tray at the minute then i'm going to try introducing them to the outdoors but I'm worried how they'll hold up in the great British summer. Fingers crossed for both of us. #effitfriday

  • I love the idea of growing my own ingredients, can't wait to see what wa successful in the summer!

  • love this! thanks for sharing, we've just planted sunflowers and have broccoli, carrots and cauliflower to do asap #fridayfabulous