Spring fever has definitely hit our household.
It’s almost as if we can’t get enough of the warm sun, budding tress, and fresh air. If we’re unable to be outside exploring the wilderness, we seem to at least have our windows open. Big A had the day off this past Friday and, on a complete spur-of-the-moment decision, we decided to make a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Breathtaking doesn’t even begin to describe the absolute beauty we saw. There was a point where tears actually came to my eyes as we watched the elk graze a field overlooking the mountains. 
This area of the park was so cool because at one point it had actually been a bustling little town. Visiting places that have stories and history is always interesting to me. It’s fun to imagine who else once stood in your very footsteps. So, I was so excited when we came across Palmer Chapel Methodist Church. 

Built in 1898, and then rebuilt again in 1929, it was so fun and interesting to step through time. 

We then came across one of my favorite little buildings in the park, the Beech Grove School. This little school was truly a step back in history. 
Unfortunately, graffiti absolutely littered the place. It was so incredibly sad to see this little piece of the past just riddled with absolute nonsense. Despite the carvings, it really was something to sit back and imagine those who once attended this school.
The area was once completely filled with lush, fertile farmland. In times like those, children were much needed to help maintain the farm. For this reason, school was usually only in session for a few months in the winter. I sat in one of the desks and imagined who may have once sat in that very spot. 
It was so cool to think about the many children who walked over these floors in the 30+ years that this school was open. I tried to imagine their stories. It was so fun to speculate with Big A and talk about what these children must have gone through to attend school. 
This small taste of the past has really awakened the history buff in me, and I have been searching for new places to discover this summer. What a way to introduce little A to the ‘old times.’ Up close and firsthand is way more fun that reading a textbook!
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  • It really was a great day! Thank you so much for reading (:

  • Oh my god I love stuff like this I really do, going back in time and thinking about how people lived years ago before all this social media and technology – must have been bloody lovely! Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars x

  • Oh wow! I had no idea Australia was the complete opposite of us, that is really interesting. I LOVE fall, the changing leaves are absolutely perfect. We did a lot of hiking this past fall, and it really gave me an appreciation for the season I'd never had.

  • This looks so pretty!! We are just entering Autumn or Fall here, and looking forward to watching the leaves change and fall from the trees. It's really quite warm here in the northern part of Australia, so no snow to look forward to, but the fresh change is looked forward to. xx

  • Thank you so much for inviting me to link up, and for reading! I've joined your link-up <3

  • what gorgeous photos, this looks like a great trip.

    I miss hiking #sundaystars

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