It’s been a little while since I last updated on little man’s teething progress.
Little A is now one week away from his first birthday, and he is cutting tooth number 7. It’s kind of difficult to get a photo of all of his teeth, as per usual, but he has four on the top and his lower left tooth is growing in. The right is not far behind!

Despite his mouthful of teeth, this guy is still extremely hesitant about solids. He’s now eating, at least a bite of something, per day so I’d say that’s progress.

He hasn’t ever run a single fever from teething, or sickness, so I really think we got lucky in that department. The amber necklace has still proven to be a ton of help, and Hyland’s remains our go-to when captain fussybucket takes over.

The worst part about the teething process this far?
The teeth grinding.
It’s brutal.
It’s worse than nails on a chalkboard, and I’m almost convinced he’s going to break a tooth. It was really bad when his top two teeth were growing in, but he’s been doing it again lately.

Other than that, this kid really is a little champ!

Until next time,

  • Thank you so much for reading, and for your absolutely lovely comment <3
    It was kind of dark when I took this picture but actually, in the sunlight, his hair is red! I'm obsessed over it!!
    And, oh no! THREE?! It's the worst sound ever

  • Oh he is ridiculously cute. How adorable. Is his hair a little bit strawberry? How lovely. Yep, the teeth grinding can be awful. My three year old still does it on occasion.