I’m so excited to start this new series on my blog and YouTube Channel. My family and I have decided to take the step into growing our very own food, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Little A is at an age where he is curious about everything, and I think that this will be a wonderful learning experience for him, and something awesome for him to be around. Today, I planted some organic tomato seeds, and two organic bell pepper seeds.

This looks funny, because I’m not growing in your traditional way. We are going to be growing our veggies with NO SOIL! That’s right, I explain hydroponic growing a bit more on my YouTube channel, so don’t forget to take a look.

As explained on my channel, the rooter plugs are stored in a Ziploc baggy, and placed on a seedling warmer in order to promote growth. This amount of moisture accumulated in less than an hour. 
The plugs themselves seemed a little dry, so I sprayed them with a bit of pH water. These veggies do best at a pH between 5.8 and 6.3.
I’m super excited to take you along on this wonderful journey of self-sustainability. 
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  • Thank you! <3

  • Thank you so much! I'm so excited to see how it goes

  • How exciting and very interesting. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  • Wow I didn't know you could grow food like this – it's really interesting! Sounds like a fab new series – best of luck with it! #JustAnotherLinky