Little A is growing into such a rambunctious little boy. As he creeps up on his first birthday, he’s gone from a snuggly, squishy little newborn-to a rowdy, energetic, spunky boy who will be walking in no time. So, as you can imagine, I savor all the cuddles I can from this growing little man. One of our favorite activities is to snuggle up together before bedtime and read. I like to spend this time using lots of new, different words, but also pointing out words we’ve come across before.

Eventually though, you start to run out of books.
Even Dr. Seuss and his crazy words start to get redundant after 10 months of reading them. So I was super excited, and a little confused, when a letter from Highlights Hello showed up in my mailbox. Turns out, little A’s great grandma in California surprise ordered them for us-which turned out to be the coolest thing ever!

This particular version of Highlights is made just for babies (0-2), and it comes packed with fun reading, games, and activities to do with your kiddo. We just received our second one in the mail, and I am really digging these things. The books are made for reading, chewing, pulling, biting, stomping on, and slapping on the table. Made out of some sort of vinyl/plastic, they seem virtually indestructible-and with this guy, indestructible is needed!

If done properly, this book can leave you with new activities all month, and has the ability to really expand your child’s vocabulary and knowledge. The intricate pictures seem to really capture little A’s attention, so I use this time to talk about the details and just talk to him. Our favorite is the activity-this month was a hide-and-seek type activity with a blanket which makes little A giggle so hard he gets the hiccups!

I genuinely am really impressed with this little magazine, and love the quality, educational time it gives me with my son. 
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This blog post was not sponsored by Highlights  or any other organization.

  • Oh, I'm sure she will love them! I looked at Highlights when I was a kid too, so I was so excited to hear they were still making magazines (: Thank you so much for reading

  • Awwww…I remember Highlights from when I was a kid. My daughter loves the Disney and Elmo "Find and Seek" books but getting something new in the mail would be so exciting for her…Thanks for the idea on a little surprise for her.