I’ve decided that in 2016, the first full year that I will be a blogger, I want to be more organized and transparent with my posting.

Not only will this hold me more accountable to my blog, but it will hold me more accountable to you-my readers. So, without further ado-the February 2016 posting schedule!

FEB 03, 2016- 5 Tips to Recharge as a Mom
FEB 04, 2016- DIY Cornstarch Slime
FEB 05, 2016- 5 Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil [VIDEO]
FEB 08, 2016- Baby Sign Language
FEB 12, 2016- Winter Carseat Safety Tips
FEB 16, 2016- Baby Sign Language [VIDEO]
FEB 17, 2016- Bone Broth Recipe
FEB 20, 2016- Nose Frida Review [VIDEO]
FEB 21, 2016- Sleep Deprivation: Things to Keep in Mind
FEB 24, 2016- DIY Play Dough
FEB 25, 2016- How to Clean Your Microwave Naturally
FEB 27, 2016- Strengthen Fine Motor Skills with Sticky Tape

Author: Savannah Baker

Savannah is a full-time mom of one, and can often be found outside on one of her various adventures. She enjoys carving her own path through natural and holistic living, as well as discovering ways to use food as medicine.