I’ve decided that in 2016, the first full year that I will be a blogger, I want to be more organized and transparent with my posting.

Not only will this hold me more accountable to my blog, but it will hold me more accountable to you-my readers. So, without further ado-the February 2016 posting schedule!

FEB 03, 2016- 5 Tips to Recharge as a Mom
FEB 04, 2016- DIY Cornstarch Slime
FEB 05, 2016- 5 Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil [VIDEO]
FEB 08, 2016- Baby Sign Language
FEB 12, 2016- Winter Carseat Safety Tips
FEB 16, 2016- Baby Sign Language [VIDEO]
FEB 17, 2016- Bone Broth Recipe
FEB 20, 2016- Nose Frida Review [VIDEO]
FEB 21, 2016- Sleep Deprivation: Things to Keep in Mind
FEB 24, 2016- DIY Play Dough
FEB 25, 2016- How to Clean Your Microwave Naturally
FEB 27, 2016- Strengthen Fine Motor Skills with Sticky Tape