Hello strangers!
Holy cow – I did exactly what I didn’t want to do while on vacation: I abandoned my blog! So, this month I get to play catch-up, and try to remember all the awesome blog post ideas I had in mind before we spent the holidays on the west coast.

Heads up, soo many fun stories and photos coming your way!
The new year is also bringing NEW videos to my YouTube Channel which I haven’t really updated since I started this blog.

Anyway, the holidays brought some really cool gifts, and since it was Little A’s first, he really got spoiled- especially by the grandparents! Smack dab in the middle of cold/flu season, and right around the time Little A was getting heavy enough to cause back pain, Christmas was the best time to get this little gem.

I’d seen babies in shopping carts with covers when I was pregnant, and germaphobe-mom me had to have one. I honestly couldn’t be more please with the durability, ease of use, and comfortabiliy of the 

Infantino Compact Cart Cover. Last night, we made a quick trip to the grocery store to get a few things for the week, so I was so excited to give this thing a try.

I expected it to be complicated to put on, so as we were walking to the doors, I pulled out the instructions. I was happily surprised when I realized you just slide this baby onto the shopping cart and thing put your little one on top- there is even a safety belt included!

Little A LOVED this thing. He happily rode in the shopping cart, and held on tightly to the toy attached. There’s even a leash for a sippy cup which I know will be put to good use eventually.

We finished our shopping and checked out with a snoozing little man, so I’d say this is definitely baby approved! 
Until next time, 
This blog post was not sponsored by Infantino or any other organization.