Little A has always been a water baby. Since birth, he’s been completely at home and relaxed in the warm water. I have no problems getting him into the tub- in fact, I don’t run into any problems until it’s time to get out!
So, you could imagine my excitement when a representative from Munchkin Inc contacted me with such a generous gift! The decidedly amazing Christmas gift contained a Duck TubLetters & Numbers ,  Safety DuckyScooper Hooper, Spout Guard, and a School of Fish.
The bathtub itself is by far my favorite piece of this gift. It sticks to the bottom of the tub, but it’s honestly so heavy when full of water that there’s no reason for you to worry about it sliding around. It’s so cute and perfectly baby size, so it’s easy to store even if you keep it inflated. I’ve decided NOT to deflate it unless I have to (it’s such a pain to blow up). The material itself isn’t slippery either, so my son had no problem sitting or lounging in it. 
The letters and numbers kind of slide around and off the bathtub walls pretty easily, but Little A finds them bunches of fun!
Little man LOVED trying to fit as much as he could into the Scooper Hooper Net. Even with all his pulling, this thing stayed firmly stuck to the wall of the tub. Both the balls, and the fish that come with the toys have that little hole for squirting water, so I just make sure to empty them out as best as possible to avoid mold. 
The safety ducky, and the duck tub itself, both share a really cool feature! They both contain a safety strip that will turn pop up with “HOT” if the water is not in safety range for sensitive little baby skin. 
The spout guard kind of sits there and looks adorable, but it makes me feel much better knowing that my little man’s head is protected from that metal. 
All in all, bath time has gotten a lot more fun! Little A has started breathing heavily, squealing with delight, and bouncing up and down when we head into the bathroom for a bath!
I know a day will come when he’ll fight me when I tell him to take a bath. So, until then, I’ll enjoy these fun splashes and toothy smiles. Thanks Munchkin!
Until next time, 
This blog post was not sponsored by Munchkin or any other organization.