Baby wearing rocks. It just does. 
It’s so nice to have my hands free, and my baby safe. 
Shortly after little A was born, we purchased the ERGObaby Four Position Carrier. The cool thing about this thing is that you can carry baby virtually any way you can think of. On your back, hip, and front- facing out or in (for the front). 
You can even get an infant insert for those younger babies- we took little man on tons of hikes this past summer when he was only a few months old!
One of the biggest concerns when it comes to baby carriers is the stress that it puts on baby’s hips. The amazing thing about the ERGO is how ergonomic it is. No matter which way baby is facing, they are always supported to the knee, and no weight is left sitting on their hips. 
Now that we touched on the science of this little contraption, let me tell you my experience. I thought I loved my carrier before going on vacation, but since getting back home, I’m convinced that I cannot live without it!
Little A stayed snuggled close to my chest through all the hustle and bustle of the airport. I kept my arms wrapped protectively around him (without the stress on my back and arms!) as we waited in the security line, crammed into a room with several dozen other people like sardines. I felt his breath against me as we hurried along, towing bags of luggage behind us, desperate to make our flight in time. In such a stressful time, it really relieved pressure knowing that I didn’t need to keep checking on my baby in his stroller, or keep shifting him from side to side because his enormous 20 lbs is making my arms burn. 
Did I also tell you that we spent New Years camping in the desert with our 9-month-old? If that’s not adventure, what is?
And, my carrier was there for me from the start. 
From pacing around until he fell asleep, to riding golf carts over sand dunes, my son was safe and happy. I would say he spent probably 80% of our camping trip strapped to me, and I really didn’t feel many effects from it at all- I was quite impressed. 
One of the coolest things? I was, for the very first time, able to soothe my son by breastfeeding, while taking a stroll through the desert. It was the absolute coolest, and most convenient thing. As anyone whose ever taken a baby camping may know, it’s nearly impossible to get them to nap there. Between the noises outside, people coming and going, and just the newness of everything; nap time just doesn’t work out. 
And, the experience of walking over a beautiful terrain like this, while bonding with my son in the way that only a mother can- is definitely one that tops the charts. 
Until next time, 
This blog post was not sponsored by Ergobaby or any other organization.