I was so excited when little A’s bottom teeth finally emerged. He had worked on them for so long, and I was so happy for him to finally get a break.

But, teething spares no one.
His top two teeth are ready to pop through any day now. I almost think these are hurting him more than the last two. He’s such a tough kid though, so can still be often see smiling and laughing. His sleep, as with the last two, has been severely affected. Last night, he was completely unable to sleep if he wasn’t nursing or being rocked.

We’re due to go on vacation in a week, so I really hope these little chomper make their way through before then. Lately, little A has been obsessed with this Baby Einstein toy. So much so, that his slobber ruined the first one, so we had to order a second one. He really enjoys chewing on the large colored beads, and breaks out in a face-splitting grin when we pull it out.

Big A and I looked at his gums the other day, and his teeth are right on the brink of breaking the skin. It really does look painful, and my heart aches for my little man.

Until next time,