Little A has really been on the move lately. On the verge of crawling, and with seemingly limitless energy, he’s been keeping mom and dad on their toes! He loves bouncing, and being tossed into the air by daddy. He loves rocking, and swinging, and moving, moving moving. 
So, he was beyond thrilled when daddy set this Evenflo jumper up for him. Not only was it an easy set-up, but little A literally goes in bouncing!
We decided to set this bad boy up in our kitchen doorway, and one of little A’s favorite times of day has become bouncing while mommy cooks dinner. Like any parent would, we decided to research the pros and cons to jumpers in general.
While some sources have made claims that, developmentally, these types of toys are not good for babies, we feel as if this has only benefited our son and our family. Everything in moderation is the most important, but I don’t think 10-20 minutes per day is going to ruin him for life. 

This particular jumper was actually gifted to us at our baby shower, but it has really come in handy. It’s lightweight, and super easy to move from place to place. It has a claw that simply grabs onto the door frame, and your little tot is ready for jumping away!
Little A sits comfortably in the harness, and I haven’t noticed it leaving any redness or irritation on his thighs like some saucers and jumpers seem to do.
My biggest concern with this contraption is that it spins so easily. The straps merge into a single strap all the way to the top of the door frame which allows the baby to spin, and freedom to move from side to side pretty easily. This isn’t a big deal if they’re in a wide opening, but when your doorways aren’t huge, it’s a little concerning. While he hasn’t gotten hurt, I do watch him extremely closely in this thing as I am afraid he’ll whack his noggin on the door frame. 

All in all though, this definitely gets a mom and baby approval!

I mean, just look at that face- he’s having the time of his life!

Until next time,

This blog post was not sponsored by Evenflo or any other organization.