Every expectant couple has heard it more times than they can count. Enjoy your sleep now, because once baby gets here, you’ll never sleep again.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

When little A got here, all he ever did was sleep! A few weeks after his birth, I found myself watching over him as he slept. I realized that I had never really even played with him. My days were filled with feeding, and diaper changes, and snuggles, and spit up. But mostly, he slept. A lot.

So, I had more than prepared myself as a mother of a newborn for a life of no sleep. I’m sure it’s much different for moms who have to go back to work (hats off to you working moms!), but little A was such a good baby.

Until teething. Nobody warned us about the teething days.
My son has taken the throne on Crabby Pants mountain, and he has no problem letting us know he’s uncomfortable. More often than not, he is easily distracted by freezer toys, and cold carrots. No matter what kind of mood he’s in though, sleep is nonexistent.
I’m not totally on board with the “You can sleep when you’re dead” mentality, so for little A’s comfort (and my sanity), we’ve started using Hyland’s Teething Tablets.

I’m pretty leery about traditional medication, and am very selective when using it, so the thought of loading my son’s mouth full of Orajel and giving him Tylenol just rubbed me the wrong way. Hyland’s is homeopathic, and uses natural ingredients.

Just like the amber teething necklace, which I swear by, these teething tablets have been called a hoax. But, alternative and natural medicine often is. We have been able to see a difference in irritability and crankiness after giving only one tablet (the suggested dose is 2-3). And honestly, the results are almost instant.

The other night, little A was just really taking his title of King Crabby Pants very seriously. Nothing I did was right, and an endless stream of fussing ensued. Pop one of these little things in his mouth and it is literally instant silence. The taste alone seems to snap him out of it, and I know it can’t be long afterward that it begins to work. I’d say these work most, if not all, of the time. They quickly dissolve in the mouth, and I’ve never had a problem with him spitting it out, so that’s a bonus!

I’m sure little man loves ruling over Crabby Pants mountain. But, even kings need naps.

Until next time,

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