Tooth number two has made its appearance! I think it popped through on Friday, and we are so happy!
He’s been working on these little buggers for such a long time, so it’s really nice to finally be able to see them. He may currently think otherwise, but I’m sure he’ll come around to appreciate them. His irritability has still been pretty high this week, but that’s to be expected!

I do want to share something important that I learned this week though. On one, particularly fussy, morning, big A and I discussed running to the store and grabbing some baby Orajel. It’s the more conventional medicine I thought I’d like over something like Tylenol. We decided to do a little research, just in case.

According to the FDA, Orajel shouldn’t be used in children under two because it could result in a condition where the bloodstream is severely deprived of oxygen. I’m glad we did some research because I had no idea!

Anyway, this weeks favorite teether is anything FROZEN! We’ve been rotating between freezer toys, and frozen sweet potatoes.

Until next time,