We have a tooth!
Okay, kind of.

Little A has really been struggling these past couple of days. I thought sleep was nonexistent before? This weekend has been an endurance test!
But, it’s all paying off! Saturday night I had a peek inside of his mouth and his gums were pretty puffy. He was an animal! Chewing on anything and everything he could get his hands on. His favorite teether this week? His sippy!

Big A and I got this Munchkin Training Cup a few weeks ago. He’s not really interested in using it yet, but he LOVES chewing on it. You know when he’s teething on this thing too, because all of a sudden a squeaking noise will bellow throughout the house as he rubs the top over his gums.

Sunday came, and little A was even more irritable!
On Sunday night, I had a feel inside of his mouth, and a little tooth has broken through! He barely lets me see it, much less get a photo of it- but it’s definitely there! Anytime I try to look, the little stinker covers it with his tongue, but it’s his left bottom tooth.

So here’s to hoping sleep is on the horizon.

Until next time,