Oy, it’s been a tough week.
We’ve decided that we can DEFINITELY tell a difference when he doesn’t have his amber necklace on. I forgot to put it back on after a bath one night, and within an hour big A and I were scratching our heads. Little man was hysterical, and we had no idea what to do to help.

We got the necklace back on, and gave him a teething tablet.
Shortly afterwards he calmed down, and then we were able to settle him in for a nap. He hasn’t had another episode like that. He also hasn’t gone without his necklace. Coincidence? I’m not willing to experiment.

I’ve used the Hyland’s tablets a couple of times this week. I only give one, rather than the advised 2-3, because just 1 seems to do the trick right now. I can tell when his teeth really start bothering him, because he’ll start viciously chomping and rubbing things on his little gums. It makes me sad. I think we’re all ready to see these pearly whites!

This week’s favorite teether is a good, old fashioned, cold carrot!

Until next time,