As little A grows, so do his interest and activity levels. I swear my milk causes some chemical reaction in his body that turns it into pure energy sometimes! He’s so fascinated with everything around him and wants to touch and taste anything he can get his hands on. At the same time, he is distracted very easily, and quickly grows bored.

When he was younger, it was easy for me to get some chores done during some of the many hours that he would spend sleeping. Now that he’s getting close to being mobile though, he wants to do anything but sleep. So, I needed something that would keep him both contained and occupied so I could catch up on schoolwork, or start a load of laundry.

You can imagine our excitement when this bad boyshowed up at our door. Seriously, have I expressed just how spoiled by his grandparents this little boy is? Honestly, we’d never even heard of the O Ball brand before little A was born, but we have quickly fallen in love with so many of their toys! Daddy quickly put this together (and by quickly, I mean I made him build it before work, haha!), and it was ready for use.

Now, at 7 months old, little A really seems to be getting the hang of the bouncing. He loves to jump and jump. On top of all the bouncy fun, there are several fun and engaging toys in the activity center. It plays music, funny sounds, and piano notes. One of little A’s favorite features are the lights underneath the big O Ball that go off when he turns it.

I absolutely love watching him play with the toy pictured above. He likes to grab the pieces like this and try to chew on them, but when they get too slippery he throws them to the other side. When the entire thing is upside-down, he just looks around, smug and proud, as if it’s completed and there’s nothing else to do. He will then demand Daddy or I come set it back up for him.

Honestly, this thing does exactly what I wanted.
It hones in on little A’s development, but really focusing on his fine motor skills with all of the moving pieces. And, it keeps him busy. Sometimes he can spend an hour in this thing!

And, as you all know, an hour to a mom is priceless.

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