Now that little A has been able to have his own taste of food, he’s even more interested in ours. Smacking his lips while he watches us eat, chewing on his tongue, and even drooling like a faucet. It’s really cute, so we were super excited to introduce him to his next food.

The initial plan was to boil up some eggs and give him the yolks, as I’ve always heard that babies shouldn’t have egg whites before one. Curious, I realized that the reason for this was because egg whites contain a higher amount of allergens than do egg yolks. It was theorized that by waiting until at least a year old, you could potentially avoid the risk of your baby developing food allergies.

After a little research though I realized that the AAP now says that foods, like eggs, can safely be given to infants, as long as those types of food allergies don’t run in your family.

So, we strapped little man into his high chair, and I threw some eggs onto the stove. While we weren’t really interested in eating plain avocado with little A, we all sat down and ate scrambled eggs together. 
I say it like that, because big A and I were the only ones doing the eating. Little A thought we had just thrown some yellow rubbery toys on his high chair, and had a blast playing with them. A couple of pieces did make their way to his mouth, but I think it all ended up being spit right back out. 
I’ve yet to see him actually swallow anything. Once he actually gets some into his mouth, he makes this face like “Oh god, what have I done?” and then chews on it a little bit before spitting it back out. 
The eggs are obviously a much different texture than the avocado, so he just had no idea what to do with it. We didn’t have any throwing up this time though, so that’s a plus. Overall, I’d say eggs were a win. If for nothing else than a good toy to play with before a bath and milk to wash it down!
Until next time,