Little A turned 6-months-old on September 29, 2015

My precious son,

To think that 6 months have passed since your birth is unfathomable. I was looking at pictures of your newborn days, and am amazed at how you’ve grown. With the exception of a few bites of food, your chub is fully a product of my body- that’s incredible to me.

It was almost as if the passing of your half-birthday signified a milestone of sorts. Your curiosity has intensified like never before this month. I often find you intently staring at the tags on your toys, and examining the small details on the characters in your stories. You’ve shown incredible interest in the faces of Daddy and me and, quite often, use your little fingers to explore our eyes, nose, or mouth.

You absolutely love having your little feet and hands showered with kisses, and will even push those fingers and toes in between my lips to demand them.

You really have gotten skilled with those chubby little fingers, and are doing more and more with them this month. You’re more impatient than ever, but I can easily hold you over with fun lights, sounds, and faces, because your interest in something new persists far beyond your patience. 
The hours that you sleep are stretching further and further, and you can often go six or seven hours of sleeping with a dream feed in between. I’ll honestly be surprised if you make it to seven months without a tooth, but you’ve surprised me before. 
You tried eggs for the first time this month and, though you weren’t a huge fan, you enjoyed playing with them! We also tried to give you banana, both pureed and in pieces, and I’m not sure you were much of a fan of those either. 
You’re topping the scales at over 20 pounds now, and are 28 inches long. We’ve enjoyed experiencing your first fall as we’ve hiked to some of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in my life. 
Now that you’ve become more active, your toys fill the house. An activity center in the living room, an exersaucer hanging in the doorway, a walker and a high chair in the kitchen, and more toys than you’d ever need. Switching you from one station to another has become an incredibly fun game that you like to play for hours, and I could sit and watch you laugh and play forever. 
You’re understanding sign language like a pro now, responding to ‘milk’, ‘change’, and  ‘all done’ pretty consistently. Your bright smile answers my questions, and it’s so incredible to be able to have you communicate your needs with us. 
You continue to amaze me daily, my little bugaboo. 
Always and forever,