When big A and I decided to use cloth diapers, we also made the decision to use non-conventional wipes. We’ve been making our own disposable wipes since we brought our little man home, and they have really worked great for our family.
It’s easy to keep the cloth diaper pail in the laundry room, but no one wants to carry nasty wipes around the house to the trash can. So, we were forced to keep a bin near the changing table, where we change him most often – in our bedroom.

So, when Pauline Colarossi from Munchkin, contacted me offering me a complimentary gift from the company – I jumped at the opportunity to receive the Munchkin Diaper Pail with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. I couldn’t wait to start using this thing, and was elated when it came in the mail a few weeks later.

I love the design of this thing. It’s sleek, lightweight, and discreet. It doesn’t blatantly scream “I’m filled with poop-covered paper!” What you’re seeing inside of the lid is the Arm & Hammer baking soda insert. It easily snaps into the top, and sprinkles a little bit of baking soda into the bag each time the lid is opened and closed. 
If I had one complaint about this pail, it would be that the lid is a bit of a pain to open. Instead of pressing down and having a pop-up lid, you have to press the button down, and then manually lift the lid up. It’s a little hard to do when I’m trying to keep a wiggly baby from grabbing his diaper with one hand, and holding a filthy wipe in the other. 
Is this inconvenience enough to make me stop using this pail? No way!
The “#1 in Odor Control” claim is not a joke. Like, I KNOW this thing is full of nasty, soiled wipes. Yet, my nose says otherwise. Because of the self sealing system literally NO smell comes out. Like, at all. It really is impressive. Can you see how the bag is sort of wrapped around itself? Each time you close the lid, it seals the bag up, sucking in any wipes that might be caught in the top, and completely sealing the smell. We’ve even tossed a few disposables in there and have yet to smell a thing.
The bags are special bags, but they last FOREVER and they’re super easy to snap in and out.
I can honestly see us sticking with this diaper pail for years to come. 
It’s easy, convenient, smell-proof, and, most importantly, baby recommended!
You can grab your own diaper pail and bags here:

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