Now that little A is sitting up unassisted, has lost his tongue-thrust reflex, and is rounding the corner on 6-months-old, big A and I have been discussing introducing solids into his diet.

Our plan is to offer both purees and baby-led-weaning, encouraging him to feed himself often. Two of this guy’s tiny chompers are now visible through the gum, and it won’t be long before they break the skin. Thankfully, he hasn’t been too exceptionally fussy this week, but the drool is ENDLESS! The increase in saliva production has also increased his spit-up episodes, resulting in some beautiful mucous-like spit up that leaves him gagging and coughing. Super scary for mommy!

This weeks favorite teether is frozen honeydew!
Daddy let this little guy get some flavor in his mouth, and push the cold fruit up to his sore gums. He loved it!

Until next time,