It’s been a rough week.
Little A is teething.
And I’m exhausted.

His teeth are really bothering him, and he has a continuous river flowing from his mouth. I figured 5 months old is a good time to start a new series that will last throughout this little guy’s teething years. I expect some little pearly whites to make their appearance in the next few weeks, but we’ll have to see.

Currently, his sleeping is more disturbed and much less sound. He wakes easily, and it’s extremely difficult to put him back to sleep. We’ve been using cold, teethers, and our Amber Teething Necklace. Little A started wearing his teething necklace around 3 months, but now I can notice a difference in him when he doesn’t have it on. The other day his neck was a little red and raw, so we switched his necklace to his ankle for 24 hours (it’s usually around his neck 24/7 with the exception of baths), and he was definitely crabbier than normal.

This week’s favorite teether is a gift from his grandma in California – the 4-pack Infantino Ocean Teethers.