My Dearest Son,

Little A turned 5 months old on August 29!

I struggle to even wrap my mind around the fact that you are 5 months old. It truly feels like only yesterday that you were still snuggled in my belly, curled up near my heart. But, what an absolute blast it’s been to have you growing before my very eyes.
This month has brought some huge developments, and with it, some struggles too. But mostly, this month has brought tons of laughter and love.

Though you’re still exclusively breastfeeding, your teeth have really been giving you a rough time this month. Daddy and I can see the little white buds underneath your gums, and you are handling it so well! I really think the amber necklace from your Lollie is helping, but sometimes you have to bring in the big guns. Cold Fruit! Daddy gave you your first taste of honeydew, and you LOVED it. Honestly, you gummed it more than anything, but I think the sweet juice drove you crazy (; We’ve been talking about introducing you to some food very soon, so we’ve been working on your little pincher grip.

You also had your third bottle of your life. And who better to give it to you, than you?! I think it’s because Daddy and I drink out of water bottles so often, but you have had this crazy obsession with bottles, so you were more than eager to get your own milk…which eventually ended with you falling into a milky coma in Daddy’s arms. <3

Your hair is finally growing back in, after shedding like crazy! I thought you were going to go completely bald!!

Your sleeping is getting better, but you still prefer to sleep next to Mommy, and that’s okay, it makes your night feedings so much easier.

This month, your laughter has echoed off the walls! You started giggling last month; but make one funny face, and you’re laughing up a storm this month. Your squeals of excitement leave a smile on my face, and my heart swells with joy.
Not only that, but you have completely found your voice this month – and screeching is your favorite! It’s both adorable, and annoying at the same time – especially when you start screeching randomly after you wake up…and I’m still sleeping.

 Your sitting has gotten better and better, but you still easily fall over when trying to grab something off the floor. I actually think you’re trying to start crawling, but you hate tummy time, so time will tell.

You also got to meet some new friends this month, and they brought you a gift all the way from their trip to Japan! You’re always a rockstar at meeting new people, and you have that cute little ability to win just about any heart over.

My son, I honestly sit in awe of you. You are so much more than I ever dreamed you’d be – and trust me, I spent a lot of those whale days thinking about you! My heart swoons as I see more and more of your daddy in you. Your own little personality is shining more and more though, and you have both your father and me in the palm of your hand.

We started Baby Sign Language this month, and while I don’t think you’ve caught on yet, you seem to think it’s funny when we move our hands around while talking to you. I know you’ll get it soon! Opening that door of communication is going to bring many opportunities, I think, so we’ll stick to it (:

Anyway, I hope you know just how loved you really are.
You’ve changed my life, kid.

Always and forever,