Disclaimer: Although I received a My Happy Pillow in exchange for this review, all opinions and ideas posted here are my own.

Young children, more so than almost any other group, are unable to speak for themselves. They said pediatricians have one of the hardest jobs because their patients can’t tell them what’s wrong, and I could only imagine! There have been times as a mother where I’ve just looked at little A and thought to myself (and may have even said aloud) “Why are you crying right now?” But at only 4-months-old, crying is the only way he can tell me anything.

Since before he was born, I’ve wanted to teach little A sign language. I’ve read that it’s pointless to start before 6 months old, but it’s something I will really work on with my son. I think that the easier and earlier a child is able to communicate, the less temper tantrums, because less frustration. I haven’t started baby sign language yet, but I feel that My Happy Pillow has given me a path into transitioning to teaching sign language. Leo the Lion, the pillow that little A received, displays two emotions: happy and afraid.

I know that little A is still extremely young, but this toy was developed by a 6 year old little girl to use as an educational product, and by darn that’s what I’m going to use it for!

At this moment, it’s not too often that little A feels fear. But, he is constantly smiling. I’ve taken to picking up the pillow when he smiles, and saying “Happy. Are you happy?”

He just smiles and coos back, but I like to think he’s learning. The cool thing is that Leo the Lion isn’t the only pillow available! Currently, you can choose between: Sunny the Bear and Zee the Monkey. Available for preorder are: Rosie the Dog, Spotty the Giraffe, Leo the Lion, and Shadow the panda. (Check out their website here). Each character also has its own mini  which has a clip for easy carry.

So, being the protective mom that I am, I threw this thing into the wash and dryer as soon as it arrived to my house. (Seriously, too many chemicals in those factories!)
I looked on the tags for washing instructions but didn’t find any, so I just hoped for the best. I was most worried about the mane on both the pillow and the mini. But a quick wash on cold, and a tumble dry proved to only make the pillow softer!

The threading is tight, and there are no loose, hanging strings making it dangerous for baby. All in all, this is well-made product, and extremely cozy for use as a pillow as well!

The mini has a pretty tiny clip, so it easily hangs onto little A’s carseat, so he loves playing with it in the car.

The mini Leo is just as well put together as the pillow itself, just as soft, and just as safe!

At the end of the day, I think it’s pretty safe to say that little A is just a little to young for the age group targeted to utilize the purpose of this pillow. That’s not to say that he doesn’t enjoy it just as much! The faces on the pillow really peak his interest which encourages him to sit up and reach for them.
Funny fact: Right after (literally immediately) this picture was taken, little A spewed milk everywhere! I sure hope this pillow can take another wash..

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