So, I guess little A decided he was done with the laying down life. I mean, after all, the world is much more interesting when yo;u can look at it while sitting up on your own. He still hasn’t mastered it yet, but he did just turn 4 months old – he has a lot of time for practice!
I was so excited to be able to capture him sitting on camera. He can’t do it for long before he topples over, probably about a minute or so, but each and every milestone he meets is so exciting. When he is able to sit up there and hold his balance, he get so incredibly proud, usually flailing his arms and legs enough to send him flying back down. That’s one thing that just completely melts my heart with this little guy: his excitement levels, they’re through the roof!
This guy has no shame when it comes to the emotion game.
He sports a mean looking scowl when he’s angry, and his pouty lip will melt a heart of stone. 
He has also been showing significantly more interest in food and how we eat. I like to talk to him about what I’m eating, or whatever really just to keep him engaged, but I can tell he’s intrigued. While he has obvious signs that he is not ready for food, I did decide to introduce something a little different into his diet. 
And boy, let me tell you: biggest hit in our house yet!
Two words.
Mesh. Feeder.
The secret to a happy baby…for all of about 5 minutes. 
I pumped some milk the other morning, and just poured it straight from the bottle into the ice tray. [Tip: The Munchkin feeders are too small for full-sized ice, so I just fill them up about halfway.] I froze them, and then started by putting it against little A’s lips. 
Once the milk starts melting, that’s when the frenzy begins. It’s honestly like he can’t eat it fast enough, and I just sit back and wonder how he’s not getting a brain freeze.
My biggest (and only thus far) complaint?
This mesh feeder seems to have the power to turn my son into a ravenous beast. 
When he finishes his milkscicle it’s either: 1. get him another immediately (and I mean YESTERDAY) or 2. Nurse. I mean, there really are no other options. 
Milk for babies is like brains for zombies. It drives them nuts. 
Seriously though, I’m so excited to put frozen fruits and veggies in this thing!
For now though, we’ll stick to milk. It’s not too messy, and it really works his hand-eye coordination regardless. 
Enjoy your milkscicles!

Until next time, 

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  • They go crazy for it! Let me know how it works for your little one(:

  • Yes! I'm so excited to try it with real food – I think it'll come in handy. What were your favorite foods to put in there?

  • Milksicles is a great idea, I'll have to remember that!

  • I never thought to freeze milk to put in those! My older 2 didn't use them, but my 3rd loved using the mesh for apple slices when she was too little to have an actual apple! They really have some neat uses!