So, I may have mentioned in one of my previous blogs that we made a recent trip to Babies R Us. Big A’s mom is a huge fan of the place and, even if the prices are a bit steep, shopping for toys in person is much more fun than online! It was the first time little A has gone shopping in that he was able to play with toys and was shown tons of different items. We’re usually grocery shopping, and he’s usually in the carrier which isn’t nearly as fun as slobbering down all the shelves.

Anyway, we picked up a few toys (especially teethers) that we all hoped he’d enjoy. Maybe, just maybe, these would stop him from trying to put my fingers, blankets, the dog’s ear, and other random things into his mouth. Since he spends a lot of time playing in his high chair, we also picked up one of those high chair toys that has a suction cup on the bottom.
All in all we got two OBall Teethers: The “Roar-O-Rattle Toy” and “Flexi Loops Teething Toy”, and the Sassy “Wonder Wheel” high chair toy.

Roar-O-Rattle Toy

This photo was actually the first and only successful time that I’ve been able to get him to play with this toy. That’s not to say that this is a bad toy at all! I just think that, at 4-months-old, this toy is just a little to blocky and there are other, much easier, toys to grab for him. I believe this toy was geared for babies 6+ months, but I leave it on his high chair just for variety. When he is able to get it to his mouth though, he enjoys chewing on the mane area which is ridged and seems to feel good on his gums. The toy is really adorable, and I hope he grows to like it!

Flexi Loops Teething Toy

Not only is this little A’s favorite toy of the shopping trip, this toy has actually climbed its way to being one of his favorites altogether. The multitude of holes and rings give babies an opportunity to easily grab the toy from any angle. He loves playing with this whether he’s sitting in his high chair chewing on it, or nonchalantly twisting it through his fingers in the evening as he sits in my lap while we watch a movie. Sometimes he gets his wrist inside of this thing and I’ll find him flinging it through the air in excitement!

Wonder Wheel

I don’t think little A has quite figured this toy out yet. I will find him putting his fingers inside of it, pulling himself up to bite it, and slapping it. He doesn’t play with it much yet, and when he does, he’s usually pulling at those rings on the bottom. But if mommy or daddy come in and spin it, his eyes go bright and he’s full of wonder. While he is unable to spin it himself though, quickly spinning it for him can snap him out of crying or getting cranky. He seems entranced by the colors and how quickly they go by. It sticks well to the high chair, and with all his pulling, grabbing, and hitting, it has yet to come unstuck during play!

It’s honestly so cool to watch as he learns and develops through play. Through “Peek-a-Boo”, he is taught that just because you can’t see something at the time, it doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. He learns motor skills and dexterity as he holds toys and brings his feet to his mouth. His senses fine tune and develop during a tickle! It’s crazy how babies are just always learning.

I can’t wait to teach this little guy all I know about the world, as he teaches me all about his.

You can get all these toys here:

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