So, big A and I have been strictly gluten-free for over a year now. While we are flexibly paleo, we have to stay on top of being gluten-free. Just a few months before finding out we were pregnant with our little, big A started having some serious health problems. After lots of searching and tests, we found out that he has Celiac Disease – a disease which produces an autoimmune reaction to gluten.

We’re constantly looking for a good, quality flour to bake with. I would love to make a loaf of gluten-free bread, but I’ve just never found a flour that produced a dough I liked to work with. Either they were too crumbly, too water, or they just tore way too easy – until now.

The other night, on one of big A’s nights off, we decided to make a nice big pizza. While we’ve made pizza before, I have never found a flour that I like, so we’re always trying new ones. One that I’ve never seen before, Pillsbury Multi-Purpose Flour, stuck out to me so we grabbed it. Boy was I in for a treat! Upon mixing a quick yeastless pizza dough, I found a dough very, very similar to one made of regular wheat flour. It was easily pliable, moist, and enough for me to shout “Grab the camera, I’m doing a blog post!”

As seen here, it was easily spread across the entire pan. I had no idea where my rolling pin was (I have NEVER been able to use it with gluten-free flour. It’s always too sticky, or not able to be manipulated enough.) but this is a dough that I will definitely be using my rolling pin on.

After cooking, it did crack a little in the center, but I think puncturing a few holes in it prior to cooking would easily solve this. Not that it was really a problem, I let the crust sit out for about 5 minutes before adding toppings, and the bubbles fell back down against the pan.

I’m so excited to try different recipes with this flour, and I will absolutely be posting more updates as I use it for different things.

And if you’re wondering,

The pizza was incredible.

You can get yours here today!

Until next time, 
This blog post was not sponsored by Pillsbury or any other company.