I started talking about cloth diapering when I was about 16 or so weeks pregnant. By 20 weeks, I knew it was what I wanted for my family. Now for the hard part: to convince my husband.

Honestly, it wasn’t nearly as hard to convince him as I originally thought it would’ve been. I figured he’d be grossed out by the thought of rewashing diapers, and he was, but the benefits I explained to him far outweighed the ick-factor. As long as I agreed that the laundry would be my duty, he had no problem with cloth diapers. And so, fresh from the hospital, we started using BumGenius 4.0’s on our little newborn.

I will say that we did have a few leaks at the beginning, and this guy was over 8 pounds as a newborn. So, we did swap back and forth between cloth and Honest Company disposables in his first couple of weeks.

I figured that if I could convince my husband, I can convince almost anyone. Granted, not every one thing works for every family, and it definitely helps that I stay home. I can’t imagine having to ask a babysitter, daycare, or family member to keep up with cloth diapers, especially when he starts eating solids. But, I do know that if it’s right for your family, your family will love it! So, let me give you my top reasons of why I chose to cloth diaper.

We bought our stash of 24 diapers during our pregnancy. They are all BumGenius, and they are all the 4.0. While there are different types of cloth diapers, I am going to be talking about mine: a pocket-style, one-size diaper. Being a one-size diaper means that this diaper is made to grow with your baby.

Our initial investment into the diapers was around $400 during a sale BumGenius was having. We have never bought a single disposable diaper (we’ve used baby shower diapers), and we honestly never HAVE to buy another. Not to say that the adorable prints aren’t tempting, but little A could go all the way to potty training with the diapers he has now and be just fine! Many parents actually reuse diapers with all of their children. So really, that ~$400 bought diapers for all of our children. Score!

The only continuous expense for cloth diapers is about 2 extra loads of laundry a week. His diapers are typically line-dried so that cuts the cost even more. Not to mention, we already use a cloth friendly detergent, so we didn’t have to change anything there!

Environmental Reasons
I wouldn’t consider my family “green” meaning eco-friendly, but do you know where your baby’s diapers go?! Like literally all of this paper, and plastic, and whatever else is in diapers (many non-biodegradable ingredients!) just sits on your baby’s bum for all of 5 minutes to a couple of hours and then it’s tossed into the trash. What a waste!

More Absorbency
At first, this was just a claim I read. But, speaking from experience here, I have to say this is true! If little A has some irritation on his bottom, we will sometimes use non cloth-friendly cream, meaning he’ll sleep in a disposable. I HATE when he sleeps in a disposable. I can easily double-stuff his cloth diaper and it will last him all night long. A disposable sometimes has leaks, but always has to be changed once or twice throughout the night.

Disposables are GROSS
This was my number one reason for cloth diapering my son.
Disposable diapers are RIDDLED with awful chemicals. During a diaper change, parents don’t know they are exposing their precious new baby to chemicals that can cause cancer. Dioxins are in almost all disposable diapers and are a byproduct of the bleaching process. They are also a known carcinogen. One theory for the reason children are going through puberty younger is because of the phthalates in disposable diapers. These are endocrine disruptors, and actually mimic human hormones.

And I mean, come on, who doesn’t go crazy over those adorable fluffy butts!
I will definitely be cloth diapering through potty training!

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  • We have been having some nighttime leaking problems as well, so I may have to double up with some hemp inserts. Where did you get yours from? Cloth really does save so much money!!(: Thanks for reading!

  • We did cloth from shortly after birth (my son was 6.5 pounds at birth, so the cloth I had didn't quite fit him at first) until he potty trained, shortly after his 3nd birthday. We spent around $300, and those diapers are all still perfectly good in case we ever have another baby. The only real hiccup I encountered in the process was nighttime; he got rashes sometimes if I left him in the same diaper all night, but he woke up completely if I tried to change him (otherwise, he'd easily nurse back to sleep), and sometimes they leaked. Once I picked up some hemp prefolds, though, that fixed the problem. 🙂 We used prefolds and waterproof covers, and they worked great for us!