My new favorite pastime has definitely become exploring nature with my boys. Little A’s eye just completely spark with wonder and awe as he looks up at the canopy of leaves shielding him from the sun. I absolutely adore experiencing the newness and excitement of life through my son. During one of our hikes over the weekend, we had to make a pit stop to feed the ravenous beast. When he was finished eating, we laid him out on the Ergo to let his food settle before we started walking again. (Baby carrier + baby puke + 100 degree weather does not equal a happy mommy.) He just stared up at the sky and talked and laughed, and it was beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, hiking may be a lot of work, but the views are spectacular! It is a humbling experience to look over the side of a mountain. It really reminds you how small you are.

Little A turned 4 months old last week. I honestly cannot believe it’s been a whole four months since that little man lived inside of me. That’s another thing kids do: they drive time into hyperspeed. Coincidentally, he also rolled over on that day. It was so cool, because big A was there to see it. It was really effortless looking, and it surprised me that he hadn’t rolled over beforehand because of how easy he made it look. He seemed like he was in a good mood, and a tummy time attempt immediately resulted in rolling over. And before you ask, yes, I did shed a few tears…

Speaking of milestones, little A also had his first “swimming” experience over the weekend. We put his little toes in the river and, after realizing he loved it, it turned into stripping him down and letting him really experience water outside of the bath.

He really loved it, and I was surprised, because I thought that cold water would surely result in tears and complaints. Hey, a mom can’t always be right!
I just wanted to take a second and really brag about our baby carrier. While I am typically a wrap kind of mom, I have just found that they are too hot when being active outdoors. Wraps are awesome for things like shopping, and working around the house, but with no breathing room, it’s impossible to use them outside in the South Carolina summer. 
We purchased the ErgoBaby 360 carrier when little A was less than a week old. Because he was still so young, we needed the infant insert too, which is recommended until about 6 months (but not necessarily needed over 12 lbs). We still use our insert with little A at 16 lbs though, and I think it’s a huge help. 
Anyway, this thing is a LIFESAVER! Hiking would literally be impossible without it. With the terrain we’re walking on, a stroller is out of the question. The main reason I actually chose this particular carrier is because it claims to stop that leg hanging, and hip pressure when forward facing. I haven’t had him forward facing yet, but I am excited to try in the upcoming months! 
He literally sleeps the whole time we’re hiking. He’s able to get sun, get off of his back, and allow mommy and daddy to do what they love. It’s a win-win-win.
You can get yours here if you’re interested:

The thing that makes this carrier different than, say, a wrap is that is is much more breathable. It’s literally made to be active with, so if you’re outdoors with your baby I would definitely say you need to pick one up.
At the same time, if you don’t spend much time outside or you’re in a place where a stroller is more convienient, I would say to skip this carrier and stick with a wrap or something. This carrier is a bit pricey, so you really want to get your “money’s worth” and get some use out of it! 
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