Little A literally has the cutest fingers! They’ve grown from tiny bony little things – to the most adorable mini sausages. He’s been doing this thing where if Andrew or I are holding the handle while rocking him in the rocker, he’ll reach up and wrap his hand around one of our fingers. It is so sweet, and it goes to show just how important physical contact is for babies. Just that tiny bit of touch will usually be enough for him to quickly drift off to sleep, and the heartwarming flood just never stops.

So, Big A’s mom bought our little some toys a few weeks ago. He’s really been enjoying toys, and is constantly grabbing something with those active little hands. One of the toys she bought us, the Baby Einstein Bendy Ball, quickly became one of Little A’s favorites! But then we began to notice something strange. When Little A would be playing in his high chair with this “bendy” (I’m not sure bendy would be the right adjective for this toy – the plastic is pretty tough!) ball, he would suddenly scream out and start to cry. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what was going on. It was random, sporadic, and seemingly nothing. I would rush over to him, and a quick inspection would leave me clueless, and him laughing and cooing once more. The event was quickly out of my mind and brushed off as nothing. But about a week ago, as I was nursing him, I saw scratches on his hand. Curious, I looked over them, and they didn’t really seem to bother him. I brushed it off as him needing his nails clipped, and made sure to do so later that day. But after dinner, and a quick play in the high chair (with the Bendy Ball), I found that his hand had several more little scratches on it.

During the next playtime session, the ball was removed. Soon after, the scratches healed, and no more have popped up since.

When I examined the ball, I found that there are no caps on the screws on the inside of the ball. These can easily be reached by little fingers and, while I don’t think that’s what Little A cut himself on, I do think it’s dangerous. Secondly, the edges of the holes are just not smooth enough. I believe that this is what cut my son’s little hands, and I definitely don’t recommend this product to anyone.

Until next time,