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So yeah, I’m sure we’ve all heard about this crazy story. Apparently, a family was having breakfast at Marcy’s Diner in Maine. It just so happened that on this particular morning there was a 21-month-old dining there. This baby was doing what most babies do: crying.

Kids cry. It happens. I don’t really understand the need for the awkward stares or judgmental glances as a parent desperately tries to calm a meltdown. Crying babies aren’t a new phenomenon, move along.

Anyway, the baby was crying.
The parents were waiting for their food and, I’m sure everyone in the diner was a little on edge.

There are a number of ways a business owner can handle a screaming child, but screaming back at them is not one of them. She could have brought a snack for the baby (the pancakes took about 40 minutes to be cooked…), she could have brought crayons, or she could have just ignored a baby that’s not hers to parent.

Instead she gets into a verbal argument with the parents before screaming at the little girl.
And, you know, when I first heard about this story, I almost wanted to sympathize with the diner’s owner, but after reading her reply to the mother on her Facebook page, and then her own Facebook post, I was shocked.

It is, however, the woman’s business, and she can run it however she wants to.
If that is straight into the ground, I’m sure quite a few people would be okay with that.

You can read the mother’s blog post on the incident here.

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  • Ha ha! That's customer service 101. There's a place near me that is very hostile to children (certainly no screaming) but essentially says they're not welcome and personally I think that's their perogative. The restaurants that accommodate us though get loads of repeat business, loads of recommendations and fat tips so it's probably wiser in the end to suck it up and smile for the baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I definitely agree with you! It should be the job of the parents. But sometimes, parents are at a restaurant because they don't even have a snack for their kids. I feel like a well-respected and thoughtful business owner would be concerned with keeping all of her customers happy. By keeping children happy you, in turn, keep everyone happy. This is just a weird story all together, but the bottom line should be: don't yell at babies. But especially, don't yell at someone else's baby.

  • Hey Savannah, thanks for having me over ๐Ÿ™‚ So I hate my first comment to be on the controversial side buuuut…. Yes the owner clearly has issues layered on issues and has no idea of how to talk to people that are making her a living however something about this story makes me squirm in my seat. There's a sniff of 'my special snowflake' in it that makes me uncomfortable. We pay extra to eat in restaurants so we can have a pleasant experience and that doesn't always include toddlers. My son is exactly 21 months so I empathise but I also believe other patrons have the right to eat in peace. Your suggestions of snacks and crayons were perfect but they're things that should have been employed by the parents.