Though not quite four months old, little A is well into his 4-month sleep regression. Everything is fun, and exciting! And things like sleep, cuddles, and even breastfeeding are simply not on his to-do list. Lately, while being worn in the Moby Wrap, he has been holding his head straight up the entire time we’re walking around! He really enjoys getting a good look at everything, and everyone, we walk by.

I’m not going to lie, these last few days have been nothing short of exhausting. Used to a baby who could sleep four to five hour stretches, we’re now lucky if we get a two hour nap. But, our tradeoff is not a bad one. For my sleep, I am repaid with a rapidly emerging personality. Over this past month, his personality has really started to shine, but these past couple of days have been, bear with me here, pretty awesome!

Who can’t resist that smile!

The impatient cluster-feeding is a downside, as is the severe lack of sleep, and sometimes moody baby. But to really be able to get a glimpse into who my son is going to be is pretty awesome!

Despite all of that gushy mommy stuff, we may be parents, but we have to sleep! I have found that in order to really get my son to fall asleep fast, and sleep well (even if it is only for 2 hours!) is to have several “playtime stations” set up around the house.
Remember, to get your kid to sleep you need to wear out both body and mind. So, here’s our laydown.

It never fails, when little A wakes up from a nap, he is STARVING. He can hardly bear a quick diaper change, and he’s ready to eat. After his meal, we will typically watch an episode of some cartoon. His current favorite (I judge by amount of smiles, talking, and kicking) happens to be a show called “Oscar’s Oasis.” It has a very “The Roadrunner Show” feel to it. Anyway, yeah, we watch some TV (sue me). Now that he’s been given about an hour to wake up, we start the playtime station (or, “How fast can mommy get you to go back to sleep”).

I will usually try to read to him 30 minutes total per day so, depending on his mood, I may read to him. I then rotate him between his ExerSaucer, high chair with toys, tummy time, and his play mat.

I will keep him at a station until he starts to fuss, and then move him to to the next one which usually results in a happy and excited baby. When nothing is pleasing him, it usually means he’s tired, and he may eat again, we’ll snuggle, and he’ll go to sleep. 
This doesn’t ALWAYS work, but it has DEFINITELY helped in decreasing those middle-of-the-night pacing while bouncing a crying baby. 
So, tips on surviving the 4-month sleep regression? Have a routine, keep your kid active, and hang on tight!
Until next time,