I absolutely love this age!

Andrew is so interested in everything. Gone are the newborn days, and they have been replaced with bright eyes, huge smiles, and tons of play. Anything and everything that is gripped between those tiny, chubby little fingers, goes straight to his mouth. The minute his eyes open, and after he’s gotten a full tummy, he’s on the go! It’s getting to the point where he doesn’t want to lay down at all if he’s awake. And if he is, he’s going to strain those ab muscles to their limit by trying to sit himself up. It really is the cutest thing ever!

Anyway, since he’s enjoying sitting up so much, we decided to pull out his brand new high chair and let him spend some time in the kitchen. He loves that thing! Granted, he only sits in it for 15-20 minutes at a time before he’s screaming to come out, but he really does enjoy those 15 minutes. But a little boy in a high chair plus lots of toys equals one overprotective mama making several hundred trips to the bathroom to wash toys that spent just over 5 seconds on the floor.

So his grandma from California, being the intuitive type that she is, decided to send a special gift for mommy and Andrew! Yesterday afternoon, big Andrew had the day off so we were just hanging around the house. UPS comes knocking at the door with a box from Grandma – she sent an Oball Grip & Play. Andrew has really been digging those balls and rattles with the holes all throughout them. They’re so easy for him to slip his little fingers through, and he doesn’t have to worry about holding the ball in one particular place.

But this toy had something the others didn’t: a suction cup! It sounds silly, but this really made a huge difference. Andrew was able to grab onto the ball and pull and turn it back and forth, he was able to pull himself forward and put the ball in his mouth. He was EVEN able to pull it back and forth so hard that it shook his high chair (muscular little dude)! But, he was not able to throw the ball across the room, sending me running to the bathroom to clean a toy for a, now screaming, baby!

I really just love this stage that he’s in! Everything is new, and fun, and exciting, and his eyes are just always lighting up with excitement. I’m constantly reminded how awesome it is to be a mom – with every smile, giggle, and coo. I guess one of the coolest things about having a baby is that you get to experience the newness of life all over again, but this time you’ll remember it! 🙂

You can get your Oball here if you’re interested. It’s super cheap, and sooo much fun for those little hands!:

Until next time,