Big A had this past weekend off, which is always nice. He gets every other weekend off, and I always look forward to him being off for three days straight. The weekend was nothing special, we just sort of hunkered down and hung out at home as a family. Andrew’s mom did come over to visit our little for a while, it’s always nice when she drops by.

Monday was to be our errand day and, if time permitted, we would stop and take a hike in the mountains. Our morning was filled with trips to the bank, grocery store, and other places we often find ourselves. It was a nice morning, nonetheless. One spent hanging out with my two favorite boys in the whole world.

I was truly excited to drive up to the mountains and explore nature. Because of illness and life with a newborn, we just haven’t been able to get as much sun as I would’ve liked so far this summer. With Vitamin D deficiency at an all time high, we need all the rays we can get! Seriously though, something like 75% of people in the U.S. are deficient in Vit. D – get your sun, people! But yes, needless to say, I was pretty excited.

The drive up was beautiful. I don’t have any pictures so I’ll just insert one from my little cutie that day.

It was crazy, Andrew and I had to chew gum on the way up because there was just so much pressure on our ears! So, apparently in South Carolina, even way up in the mountains, it’s still HOT. Like, hot hot. 
When Little A was just a few hours old, we learned that he absolutely hated the cold. This past weekend I also learned that my son DESPISES the heat. I tried to carry him in the Ergo, and he just wasn’t having it. I think he was even wanting to nurse so often because he was thirsty. Granted, it was 1 o’clock in the afternoon (worst time to be out in the heat!), but it felt like we were on the sun’s surface. 
Our little hiking trip turned out waaaaaay smaller than expected, but we came home and made a pizza and took a long nap – so, there’s that!
Make sure to get you and your kidlets out there to soak up that ever-important vitamin!!
Until next time,