Hello! And a huge WELCOME, to my blog 🙂
I suppose all well-written blogs start with a hearty introduction – so, off we go!

My name is Savannah, I’m a 22 year old wife and mother simply trying to make the best decisions for my son and family. I unconditionally love two people who just so happen to both be named Andrew. One is my husband, and the other is my son. When I learned that I was expecting, I was bombarded with a TON of information – most was worthless, but some tidbits I did hang onto. Any mother knows that anyone and EVERYONE has something to say about the way you’re raising your child. And any mother also knows that mom knows best, and we sort through the information handed to us on a daily basis.

Now that my son is 3 months old (and I still have 6 months worth of baby weight on my body), I’m finally learning what it truly means to be a mother, and I am loving it. Rather than offering moms information in a “I know what’s best” way, I wanted to be able to offer genuine, real reviews on products and information on the web, as well as inviting you to join me in my journey through motherhood – mistakes and all!

We are a young family, set on healthy eating and feeling great. Big Andrew is a diagnosed Celiac (as well as other GI issues), so my family knows and understands that people with sensitive tummies love to eat delicious food too!

I guess that wasn’t as hearty as I figured, but the baby is crying and you get the point 🙂 I hope you enjoy the information you receive here and, as always, stay happy!